Insert Laugh Here

“Welcome to The Jungle Room. I’ll be at your service to help you fill your empty life with the fleeting pleasures of alcoholic delusions.”

And so begins Insert Laugh Here – a one-act comedy that takes place at a bar where a simpleton named Les has come to drown his sorrows. Along the way to inebriation, he meets a crazy cast of barflies, including:

  • Neil – who likes women with hairy knuckles. Or as he puts it, “A sound mind is nothing compared to a firm grip.”
  • Margret – who wants a man who doesn’t have callouses on his fingertips.
  • Lotta – a Mary Kay-type sales lady who offers to get Les women who are “out-of-the-box and oven ready.”

And throughout it all, Les waits to see if a mafia hit he has ordered will be successful . . . a hit on himself.

Insert Laugh Here is Jay’s one-act version of his hit full-length play Twelve Bar Blues.

Three men. Three woman. One set.

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