Yes! It’s The Jay Huling Show!

Come back to an era of network prime time where variety shows were the most popular genre on television. “Yes! It’s The Jay Huling Show!” is a parody of the TV show Jay would have had – if he had ever had a TV show.

It emulates the self-deprecating humor of The Dean Martin Show, the swinging hipness of Laugh-In, the sketch comedy of The Carol Burnett Show, the music and dancing of shows like Sonny & Cher  or Tony Orlando & Dawn, and the sexy madcap zaniness of The Benny Hill Show. And, yes, it even has irresistibly campy commercials.

Jay plays host to a cavalcade of guest stars, including renowned poet laureate Sir Derrick Hatt; the comedy team of Leevem & Lovem; Europe’s newest and hottest all-girl pop group, The Sweet Nectarines; and extra special guest, international super model and motion picture star Ginger Golden.

If you’re looking for something different . . . a feel-good, enjoyable evening of laugh-out-loud entertainment . . . give your audiences the fond memories produced by “Yes! It’s The Jay Huling Show!”

Six men. Five women. One set.

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