On Stage

In the early 2000s, Kelly Wise stands as a commanding conservative voice on Fox News, a stark contrast to her ’70s persona as the risqué sensation of “NBC Presents Hank & Jay.”

While she’s artfully distanced herself from that bygone era of glitz and mischief, an opportunity arises that tugs at her legacy: producing a documentary on the very show that launched her fame. Diving back into the vibrant world of “Hank & Jay,” Kelly finds herself amidst a whirlwind of old Hollywood allure, startling revelations, and simmering romances. Torn between her carefully crafted present and a past that refuses to stay backstage, Kelly’s journey becomes an intricate dance of identity and ambition.

“ON STAGE” unveils a mesmerizing tale of fame’s double-edged sword, where a woman’s attempt to align her past stardom with her present stature unfolds amidst a media world that never forgets.

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