Joke Cassidy is embarrassed by his constant failures in life. And his latest troubles – losing his job and his girlfriend on the same day – has driven him to desperation. So he tries to pass off a robot, who he swiped from his job at Walt Disney World, as his new girlfriend to friends visiting from out of town.

She’s so lifelike, it works, and Joke has something he’s always wanted: the envy of others. However, when flaws in her design start to be uncovered, Joke must constantly replace parts stolen from Disney World to keep her alive. And, depending on the part he’s forced to use, she takes on various personalities – from Mary Poppins to Marilyn Monroe to Elvis Presley.

For the characters, it’s all one big electronic comedy complication after another. For your audiences, it’s an evening of hilarity.

This is the full-length reimagining of Jay’s popular one-act comedy It Happened At Kings Island.

Four men. Four women. One set.

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