The Sing Sing Suite

Hunk Shaughnessy lives a life of luxury . . . in jail.

Sing Sing is run like a highfalutin hotel. This is because the warden is more interested in having her prisoners love her than she is in jurisprudence. When they make her happy, she makes them happy.

But Hunk’s status quo is shattered when a new inmate is booked: Eli Witter, the world’s greatest escape artist. Eli plans an escape, but Sing Sing is so luxurious, they don’t lock the doors.

Eli knows he would look foolish busting out of a prison that’s not detaining him. He vows to transform Sing Sing into a maximum-security penitentiary – and then escape. Hunk vows to thwart Eli and preserve Sing Sing’s quality of life.

Three men. Two women. One set.

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