The Church of Diminishing Marginal Returns

When incorrigible entrepreneur Josh Pocket finds himself in severe financial trouble, he cons his evangelical brother Jon into starting their own church.

Although Jon has a penchant for hermeneutical biblical exegesis and is quite sincere about the endeavor, Josh is only interested in collecting tithes and love offerings.

Josh and Jon’s endeavor is so financially successful, they’re able to pay off most of their debts. This doesn’t sit well with their banker, Gordon Hepworth, who has been making a handsome living off of the interest from their outstanding loans.

And when Nancy Fairchild of the IRS uncovers the church’s activities… uh-oh! She launches a formal investigation. Josh and Jon must get their act together to qualify as a bona fide 401-C-3 tax-exempt church corporation.

Three men. Two women. One set.

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