David Foulkes

The Intentional Theatre opened its fourth season with a full production of Jay Huling’s Hard Luck Sings the Blues, to wonderful audience response. As much fun as the cast had in performance, they also enjoyed the time we spent in rehearsals on character and story analysis. The many layers of Mr. Huling’s script and the relationships between the characters afforded us all a memorable lesson in digging deep between the lines to reach the understanding necessary to tell the story properly.

We had such a wonderful time on the whole production, trying the simplest ways to bring the richness and complexities of Mr. Huling’s story to the stage. Having already become familiar with his work Bonjour Raconteur as the closing piece in our 2006 Short Play Festival, it was no surprise that Mr. Huling deftly handles the full-length format as comfortably as the short play, and it was an easy selection upon reading to open our season with Hard Luck Sings The Blues.