Sing, Swing, and Sway

It’s a sun-soaked, laugh-loaded romp along the sandy playgrounds of Daytona Beach. Sly barkeep Rusty Weber juggles cocktails and a covert mission: to shield Valerie, the mob boss’s daughter, from Spring Break’s rampant revelry.

Valerie, however, is a rebel at heart, hungry for love and adventure, no matter the cost to her overprotective father – or Rusty’s neck. Rusty also faces a romantic tug-of-war between Mary Ann, his true love, and Diana, a bestselling author with more than footnotes in her fantasies.

Mix in Leopold, a local lothario who wants a slice of Valerie; Trennis, the bookish chap who’s infatuated with Diana; Mr. Fiedler, a motel owner with eviction schemes aimed at Rusty; and Summer, a cheeky stripper who strips away all inhibitions – and you have a potent brew of mischief and mayhem.

“Sing, Swing, and Sway” weaves together love, loyalty, and ludicrous shenanigans in a character-driven comedy that’s as unpredictable as it is uproarious. Grab your flip-flops and your funny bone — this is a Spring Break love-and-laugh fest you won’t want to miss!

Five men. Five women. One set.

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